Brian Strahl Histone Modifications

Studies by many laboratories show that Brian Strahl PhD histone modifications either act in a physically manner to change nucleosome stability or nucleosome-nucleosome interactions, or by recruiting “effector” proteins that then carry out the biological function.  A number of histone modifications have been determined, which happen on each histone type. While much has been understand in the area of histone function, a whole lotmore work is needed to decipher how histone modifications impact chromatin structure and function.  This is very crucial as many human mutations are associated with diseases such as cancer occurs in the Brian Strahl histones themselves or the protein machineries that are involved in histone/DNA regulation. Dr. Brian Strahl’s laboratory works on how protein machineries thatcontrol histones are recruited to chromatin, how histone modifications become established and maintained, and then how these modifications are read or interpreted to regulate chromatin function get detailed histone information.

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