Acosta Law Group of Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Acosta Law Group offers a full service of criminal defense issues, convenient local counsel for their valued clients throughout the Chicago area.  The Acosta Law Group is committed to protecting your rights and they handle your cases with passion with their work and determination to fulfill it. The defense lawyers of the Acosta Law Group are very aggressive when it comes to protecting your rights. You can expect that they will provide you with a strong defense that you truly deserve and you can make sure that they will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case as well as the evidences that can be very useful in your criminal case click to get more detail.

The Acosta Law Group lawyers are well experienced and skilled in dealing with constitutional violations and suppression motions. They also have the ability to provide you with financial experts, criminal defense lawyer cook county, forensic experts and ballistics experts that are qualified experts when it comes to the challenge of evidences and vigorous defense that is commonly demanded by their clients. From the very beginning of your criminal case, they will provide you with a criminal defense lawyer Chicago that has the expertise in dealing with strong defense and legal advice.

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